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ZOE XL2 Double Stroller Review

What parents need in a good stroller is that it should be lightweight so that they can easily carry it around. Usually, double strollers are bulky, making it tiring for parents to move it for a long time. However, the ZOE XL2 DELUXE double stroller is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 16 pounds. Apart from this, the ZOE XL2 has many other distinctive features that the best stroller should contain.

ZOE XL2 BEST Double Xtra Lightweight Stroller System Review 2016

ZOE XL2 Double Stroller review
ZOE XL2 BEST Double Xtra Lightweight Twin Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System


The most compelling feature of this double stroller is that it is even lighter than some of the single strollers as its entire frame is made up of aluminum. Moreover, it has a carrying capacity of about fifty pounds and is very spacious. Despite the additional space provided for children so that they can be comfortable, this stroller is capable of rolling through most doorways.

Both of the seats contain separate vast and extendable canopies. It provides extra shade from direct sunlight because of excellent coverage from multiple angles. Also, this lightweight double stroller has reclining seats and lets your children take a nap in the stroller comfortably. Its durable handlebar is about 40.5-inch high, making it suitable for tall parents too.

This stroller comes with good safety measures too. It has a five-point padded harness, which needs a force of 30lbs to release. This feature makes it harder for children to unbuckle themselves. There is a padded footrest as well, which is not at all huge and doesn’t move from side to side on the stroller base, providing children with protected foot and leg rests.

Since the ZOE XL2 Deluxe is also a traveling double stroller, it comes with a folding mechanism. It doesn’t require any effort while folding; just pull the straps on the seats simultaneously and it is done. It also comes with a travel bag so that you can easily store and carry the stroller around while traveling.


  • Perfect for urban areas and travels because it is so lightweight that you can conveniently open, fold, and carry it around. Plus, it also comes with a traveling bag.
  • Easily maneuverable through narrow doorways and can stroll through different terrains.
  • Provides excellent protection to children. They won’t be able to unbuckle themselves. Furthermore, its large, extendable umbrella will protect them from direct sunlight.
  • Very spacious and can easily accommodate children in different ages and sizes.
  • Reclining seats allow children to take naps on the go.
  • Additional space for a cup and snack holder.
  • A lifetime warranty and wheel replacement guarantee.


  • Lack of strap or handle on the stroller back, so you might need to carry it with both of your hands.
  • The bright color coverings can become dirty quickly.


The ZOE XL2 BEST is a highly recommended double stroller. It has a low weight and offers excellent durability. Even the fabric on the seats is of high quality. With its extendable canopies, easy control, additional space, safety measures, and other various accessories and features, it has become the perfect choice for parents. It makes the perfect and best lightweight double stroller weighting only 16 pounds.


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