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Best Nursery Gliders and Rockers

It is stated that being a parent is a tough job, but only a handful of people who have experienced the joy of parenthood can comprehend the intensity of the statement. Parenthood has numerous aspects. There is no doubt that the most difficult one is childbirth, but we all know that the worst isn’t over then. After the congratulatory wishes and celebrations, the infant comes home from the hospital. The reality of it all sets in on the first night at home when your baby’s cries awaken you.

Day after day, it becomes a routine and soon enough, you find yourself sleep deprived. If your child has their own nursery, then double the trouble because going back and forth between your bed and the nursery at night can take quite the toll on you. Oh, and for those of you with an infant suffering from colic, it can be quite distressing. Those babies will not let you get some rest until they’re swayed back and forth into a sound slumber. But swaying and swinging at three in the morning? And that too, night after night? Not a piece of cake. However, there is always a solution in this era of ingenuity. The solution to your sleep deprivation and your baby’s disturbed sleep is a glider or a rocking chair!

Top 4 Best Nursery Gliders and Rockers 2017

Purchasing gliders for nursery or a comfortable rocking chair will make life easier for you. How? First of all, you’ll have a resting place right next to your baby’s cot, so in the middle of the night, you can always snooze on the chair. Secondly, these chairs rock back and forth, thereby eliminating the need for you to hold your baby throughout the night and walk across the room.

You may wonder what it is about the new gliders/rockers that is different from the already available wooden rocking chairs in the market. Well, gliders and rocking chairs possess two qualities that old-fashioned wooden rockers don’t. One of them is cushioning. You cannot spend the rest of the night comfortably swaying in a moving wooden chair. After a while, they start being uncomfortable. However, this is unlikely to happen with gliders or rockers because they have cushions, which mean you can curl up in the soft, warm fabric. The second quality lies in their oscillation. Wooden chairs move to and fro at a high speed. On the other hand, the recently developed gliders and rocking chairs have a subtle movement. They don’t even make a sound, and the rocking movement is at a casual pace, neither too fast nor too slow. Moreover, many recent models of gliders have a stylish appearance, so they can be easily used as an extra chair in your living room once your all-nighters with the newborn are over.

Hopefully, by now, you’re convinced of the many benefits that gliders and rocking chairs have to offer. Let’s talk about what to look for when purchasing one. According to some of the best glider rocker reviews, most parents prefer chairs with arm rests. It is because they provide a space for you to rest your elbows. This, in turn, means you can share the weight of the baby in your arms with the chair. Over longer durations, holding the infant without any support can lead to sore arms, so it is better to purchase a glider or rocker with an armrest.

Some of these seats also arrive with additional ottomans which move around with them. For those of you who do have space, it is recommended that you purchase these optional products. They will prove to be an excellent relaxing place for your feet. Breastfeeding women, in particular, should use ottomans as they will be of great help in maintaining a comfortable posture.


Top 4 Best Nursery Gliders and Rockers Review 2017

There are several models and manufacturers of such furniture. Following are some of the best gliders or rockers that have been made available in the market. The list has been arranged by the model’s prices, starting from the cheapest to the most expensive seat.


Best Nurery Rocker Stork Craft Tuscany Review
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Stork Craft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman

It is a glider and ottoman set manufactured by Stork Craft. The company is known to be an industry leader in the design, production, and disposition of furniture for infants and teenagers. This particular set is unique in the market because it happens to be customizable. The customer can choose from six different colors for the wooden base. These include White, Cherry, Espresso, Black, Dove Brown, and Gray. However, the personalization option is not just limited to wood finishes. Clients can also choose between four fabric combinations along with a cushion color of their liking. Colors offered are Slate Gray, Pink, and Taupe. What all of this ultimately means is that you can design a chic chair on your own. The construction would be solid, and the finish would be exquisite. Therefore, after the nursery days are over, you can easily use it anywhere else in the house.

While customization is a bonus, Stork Craft’s product is one of the best gliders for nursery because of the features it possesses. One of the features is that it has been embedded with confined ball bearings made out of metal. The purpose of this is to offer a smooth gliding motion so that your baby can sleep in a quiet, peaceful environment.

Moreover, the glider has been manufactured with a large area for you to rest in and snuggle. Not only the surface cushion but also the armrests have been heavily padded with polyester blend. This means that you will feel no discomfort when positioning your arms on the sides for support. Furthermore, the design of the chair is such that it includes a particular wooden compartment on the side. Here, you can store your child’s favorite bedtime stories or some magazines for yourself in case the night turns out to be longer than expected. Also, you do not have to worry about spills and stains with this item. The cushioning in the seat and at the back can be cleaned effortlessly.

Weighing only 50.5 pounds with product dimensions of 29 x 35 x 37.5 inches, the Tuscany glider is easy to assemble. Its winning aspect, of course, is the price. It has been made available at $191.62.

Hence, compared to other glider versions in the market and keeping in mind its extraordinary features, Stork Craft’s glider is one of the best nursery gliders.


 Best Nursing Chair Baby Relax Review
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Baby Relax Mackenzie Microfiber Plush Nursery Rocker Chair

The Mackenzie Microfiber happens to be one of the best nursery rocking chairs in the market. It has been sold under the brand ‘Baby Relax,’ having been manufactured by Dorel Living. The company designs and produces home furnishings including kitchen fixtures, living room furniture and units for the nursery. It has several brands, and Baby Relax is the one it uses for furnishings intended to be used for toddlers and infants.

The Mackenzie rocker has been constructed with exceptional quality and sturdy wood which is bound to last for Baby Relax The Mackenzie Baby Rocking Chairyears. This, in turn, means that the product and the brand are both reliable!

A prominent feature is the seat of the rocker. It is about 24-inch deep, which means that there is a vast space for you to snuggle in with your little darling. But that’s not all. The entire seat is thickly padded along with its back and armrests. The microfiber would feel smooth and soft to your touch. This translates into maximum comfort whether you’re breastfeeding, cuddling, or snoozing off with the baby in your arms. After the firm hospital bed, this rocking chair will prove to be a safe haven for your tired body. More than other furnishings in your residence, this rocker is bound to make you feel at home immediately.

With this seat in place, you can forget about long nights striving to make your baby fall back into a peaceful slumber. This is because the rocker’s feet are made out of solid wood. It helps the chair move back and forth in a swift and smooth motion, which is soothing to a crying baby. Moreover, the cherry finish on the wood completes the entire furniture’s look.

Overall, the structure is quite simple yet chic. This is why the Mackenzie rocker is bound to fit in any nursery setting. The fact that Dorel Living provides color options for the upholstery further adds to the rocker’s ability to blend in your home immediately.

The Baby Relax Mackenzie Rocker can be purchased at a price of $218.99. This quote is quite reasonable compared to the many expensive models in the market. Plus, the features and comfort it offers make it worth your money. This is evident from the product receiving 3.8 out of 5 stars by parents who have already tried it. Given the blend of price and characteristics, it is the best nursery rocker.


Best Gliders For Nursery Baby Relax Hadley
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Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker

This item has been made available at $298.97. It falls under the category of plush and expensive furnishings for children.

The Hadley Double Rocker is one of the many baby seats manufactured by Dorel Living under its Baby Relax brand. Although pricey, the item appears to have proven itself to be good value for money. This is evident from the 3.9 out of 5 stars that it has received from its users on Amazon. Dorel Living has kept its promise of exceptional quality wood furnishings. The double rocker has, therefore, been provided with a robust structure and feet made out of solid wood. You no longer have to worry about replacing rocker after rocker once you land your hands on this model.

Moreover, despite its solid build, the item weighs only 69.8 pounds which is relatively lightweight for a rocker. This means you can move the chair around your house in case you get tired of sitting in the same nursery spot day after day.

Furthermore, this rocker has a seat depth of 22-inch and is about one and a half time wider than your typical rocker  Best Nursery Rocking Chairs Baby Relax Hardley Nurserychair. This means that you have a vast space for not only cuddling and snuggling with your newborn but also for breastfeeding. In addition to this, its spacious seat is densely padded both in the front and back. All of this combines to make the Hadley Double Rocker the best nursing chair for your little one. You can relax in the soft chair with its 100 percent polyester fabric exterior and rock your baby to and fro. The smooth motion will calm the wailing infant, and the velvety feel of the rocker will bring you mental peace and physical comfort.

The aesthetics of this Baby Relax model are also pleasing. Its welt is two-toned, and the entire piece is available in two soothing colors: Beige and Taupe. It has a contemporary style its dimensions being 34.8 x 41.2 x 37.2 inches.

It is bound to blend in well if you happen to have a place with an upscale look. It’s classy and certainly not ideal for a budget conscious consumer. However, if it’s in your price range, you should buy it because it’s one of the best rocker chairs you will find. Besides, your baby deserves all the finer things in life!


 Best Baby Glider Dutailier Cushion
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Dutailier Sleigh Glider and Ottoman Combo

Dutailier is a Canadian company owned by a single family, which has been in the wood and furniture business since before the 1980s. The Sleigh Glider and Ottoman Set is, therefore, manufactured using the best quality wood along with an exterior of the softest fabric.

The overall design of the item is classy. The entire frame is constructed using lustrous hardwood. An espresso finishing has been given, which is smooth and toxic free unlike several other chairs in the market. This means that the glider and ottoman are safe to be used around your newly born child.

The item arrives as a combo of a glider and ottoman as opposed to just one single glider. It is what justifies the $539.12 that you are required to pay for its purchase. How? Well, in exchange for that hefty sum, you acquire not only a well-furnished, chic glider but also an ottoman. The latter is beneficial as a foot rest. It will also enable you to position your body ergonomically on the glider. In other words, the additional ottoman will help you attain the most benefits out of your glider.

The seat of the gliding chair is padded heavily from the front and back. Also, it possesses a reclining feature, which Best Nursery Glidersmeans now you can recline and rest your head back onto the soft microfiber fabric and even flatten out your legs on the ottoman while the baby snoozes off in your arms.

Moreover, Dutailier has embedded enclosed ball bearings into the glider so as to provide you with a calm back and forth movement. Together with the cushioning, the oscillation is bound to make you never want to get up from the seat. And if you’re happy and at ease, so will be your baby.

Most users who have had the pleasure of using this item have been satisfied with it. They love the spacious seat and the reclining feature. The latter is particularly appreciated by breastfeeding mothers who previously had to sit up all through the night, but with this chair, they found out that feeding can be more of a pleasant experience for them.

Hence, if it’s not out of your budget, you should grab the best baby glider. You won’t regret it!


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