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Best Baby Nail Clippers For Newborn And Toddler

Taking care of one’s hygiene is essential or else you can put yourself at risk of falling sick easily. Similarly, grooming and keeping a baby hygienic is vital. Maybe even more so because babies tend to have a weaker immune system than full-grown adults, thereby making it important for a parent to take all the necessary steps to keep their baby clean and healthy.

best baby nail clippers

One of the methods of hygiene care involves clipping off nails. Big nails become a resting place for dirt and bacteria, which can have an adverse impact on your infant’s health. Also, longer nails can result in your child hurting themselves or other babies on their playdates. There are several nail clippers in the market, but only the following few qualify to be one of the best baby nail clippers:

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

best nail clippers for baby
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This baby nail clipper has been created by The First Years and licensed by the American Red Cross. It has an ergonomic shape, carved to make it easy for parents to hold even when their fingers are wet and slippery. The stainless steel blades have been incorporated into the design so as to provide users with precision while clipping off nails. Moreover, these nail clippers are small in size, which makes them perfect to use with tiny nails.

The best aspect is that this product arrives with a magnifier, which enlarges the baby nails under it about four times. This feature alone makes the Deluxe Nail Clipper one of the best nail clippers for babies. It can get a little arduous to keep your neck bent constantly over your infant’s nails and the eye strain can result in a headache. However, with the Deluxe Nail Clipper’s magnifier, you can rest assured that your newborn’s nails will be perfectly trimmed. It infuses an absolute confidence in you as well when cutting the minute fingernails. Its users have given the product 5 out of 5 stars for its excellent performance!


Bestonville Baby Nail Clippers Set with Grooming Scissors and Nail File

best nail clippers for infant with baby file
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It is a complete grooming set that has been manufactured by Bestonville USA. It includes one of the finest infant nail clippers along with scissors specially designed for babies, a protective cover for the scissors, and a nail file for your child which is made out of stainless steel. The nail clipper has been produced ergonomically to suit both left-handed and right-handed parents. Also, the handles ensure a firm grip, thereby providing reassurance to parents of the safety involved with the use of this tool. Moreover, there is a keychain hole attached to the clipper, which means you can make use of it on the go as well. The stainless steel nail file means no worrying about rust, especially after using the blade during bath time. It has been made with a tip for cleaning inside the nails as well, which makes it ideal particularly for newborns with very soft and tiny nails.

In addition to the tools, the set includes about thirty tips for your baby’s safe trimming as well as points on what to refrain from during the process of clipping nails of your little darling. The entire kit makes life easier if you happen to be a baby caretaker. Users that have experienced the set have awarded it 4 out of 5 stars.


Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Clipper

best baby fingernail clippers
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Also one of the leading baby fingernail clippers, the Steady Grip clipper is one of many clippers that have been created by a company called Safety 1st, which is known for its wide range of baby products. This clipper has an extra-large handle with a soft texture, which provides users with a firm yet comfortable grip. It works well especially for parents with unsteady hands. It can also be used during bath time, which is evident of its anti-slip grip. Moreover, despite the big handle, the tool has been developed to be quite lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around and use on the go.

It’s a compact device with dimension specifics of 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches which further qualifies it as a convenient clipper. It also fits comfortably in the small pocket of your diaper bag. Furthermore, the cutter’s edges are curved so as to make it fit perfectly around your tiny angel’s nails. Parents who have already had the pleasure of using this tool have awarded it 4.3 out of 5 stars because it is easy to use and clean and not at all pricey.



Any of these 3 best baby nail clippers can be used (but with caution of course) for newborn babys, toddlers and even children.