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Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Review

Taking care of two small children at once is one tough job. The actual problem is handling them while you carry them out of the house for a walk or to the mall. For this purpose, there are many double strollers available in the market, but they are usually too big to pass through narrow areas, are weak, or lack other necessary features. However, it is not the case with Baby Jogger’s Summit X3 double stroller. This stroller is a quality product with an attractive design and excellent functionality.


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Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Review 2016


This stroller weighs about thirty-six pounds, making it neither bulky nor lightweight. It might seem slightly heavier than other double strollers but provides way better features than them. It is a side-by-side seated stroller yet allows easy moving through various doorways. The best thing about it is that the front wheel can be changed from fixed to swivel in no time. You can easily lock the front wheel through a handle bar control, allowing you to go from strolling to jogging quickly.

Each seat can be reclined to a 3/4th position so that children can take a brief nap while you walk or jog. Both seats are equipped with a five-point harness for the safety of the children. Moreover, the canopies are considerably large and have windows for keeping children cool on hot days and baby-jogger-2016-summit-double-stroller-for-joggersprotecting them from the rough and cold winds. It also allows you to watch and check your babies from time to time.

Each of the wheels of the Baby Jogger Summit double stroller gets an independent suspension, which helps absorb shock from just about all kind of
surfaces. Even when it’s completely loaded with children and necessary items, it provides smooth maneuverability and is easy to push. It is harder to jog with a double stroller than a single, but this stroller makes it easier for parents to run with it. It provides a rear brake and a handbrake that works amazingly even when going down a hill. As an added safety trait, it has a runaway strap attached to the bottom. You can strap it to your wrist in case you lose the grip of your stroller accidentally.

Moreover, it provides a generous space for storage with a large basket underneath and a storage compartment at the back of the seat.


  • This stroller has excellent security features such as five-point harness, rear brake, handbrake, and a runaway wrist strap.
  • You can change the front wheel quickly from strolling mode to jogging mode.
  • It has a robust and sturdy structure, which makes this stroller a long-lasting one.
  • It provides ample space for keeping your and your toddlers’ necessary items.


  • You might need to remove the snack trays to get your children in and out of the stroller.


The Summit X3 is the perfect stroller for those parents who love both strolling and jogging. You can easily take it to malls or run in the park thanks to its two-in-one front wheel, allowing you to lock it while jogging and unlock it while strolling. With its attractive design, smooth maneuverability, and sturdy structure, it sure provides a comfortable and pleasant experience to you and your toddlers.

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